Thursday, 31 July 2014


Ripped Jeans have been seen everywhere recently from the high street shops, such as Topshop and H&M to worldwide designers being seen on D&G and Ralph Lauren catwalk shows.  Its all about the tear, rip and ruin with jeans recently, and I've been loving it!  I've toyed with the idea a lot recently trying to find a pair of old jeans that I dont wear and ripping them up to be worn more - sounds weird doesn't it?! Being the first installment of a DIY series, I thought a simple and no-sew feature would be appropriate...

  1. Take any pair of old jeans - whether they have been collecting dust at the back of your wardrobe or nipped to the local charity shop to buy a pair for £2.50. The first thing you will need to do is make sure they fit; if they are a bit baggy, it doesn't matter - just means you're opting for the 'boyfriend' look.
  2. Take your pencil and mark on where you want the rips to be placed.  For this step I put my jeans on and stood in front of a mirror with multiple photos for inspiration and drew on faint lines.  I marked over them in a black biro just to make it clear where I was cutting .
  3. Cut.  Cut.  Cut. Make small snip on the lines previously made and rip to desired length.  Ripping at this stage provides a more 'authentic' look compared to cutting along the whole line.
  4. Now its time to pull the threads, so take your tweezers and begin to pull individual threads.  Pulling the horizontal lines (usually white threads) will create the frayed edge of the rip, whereas pulling at the vertical threads (blue) will create the white threads draping across the hole.
  5. Shake the jeans - preferably outside, to remove any loose threads that may appear to be attached, and your DIY ripped jeans are now complete!

Send photos of your DIY ripped jeans to the hashtag #inspirefashion01 on instagram, so I can see your designs.