Sunday, 27 July 2014


Recently I've realised my bank account is quite empty - oops *secretly cries*, but then I came to the conclusion that I've done a bit of shopping within the past month or so.  Below are some of my favourite items that I've bought, which have been shown a lot of love as well! I will have links to the sites if available.

black gingham printed skinny trousers - primark - £13.00

new balance 574 - urban outfitters - sale £40.00

printed shift dress - select - £12.99
white lace bodycon dress - select - £16.00

lace/crochet detail along hem of the dress

  blue floral printed chiffon shirt - primark - about £12.00

print changes at sleeves to a smaller/more detailed print

red floral a-line shift dress - primark - £13.00

I am thinking about doing some fashion DIY projects to blog about soon, so fire your ideas at me! I have also just set up a new instagram account for this blog, so be sure to follow it @inspirefashion01 to see daily fashion posts and outfits.