Sunday, 12 July 2015


I recently went on my first girls holiday to a small island in Greece called Zante.  It was one of my best holidays; full of laughter and fun activities/events.  I will be posting a few short blog posts just to share with you a few of the events we done, but mainly showing what I wore on my holiday. Whilst on holiday I didn't think about doing blog posts on my outfits so I didn't take specific blog photos, however after scanning through my thousands of holiday pictures I have managed to find a small collection of photographs that show my outfits (as well as my friends outfits!!) Below are a few photos of what I wore on my second night out.  It was always very hot whilst out on the main strip so I opted for these pastel baroque inspired tailored shorts with rose gold detail zips.  I chose to wear a simple white crop top as well, which helped show off my tan as well (haha!!)  The majority of my outfits were very basic due to the nature of our holiday (going out partying a lot of the time) as well as the restriction of 15kg suitcase allowance, which proved to be incredibly hard to stick to when travelling in a group of 8 18 year old girls.  Under the photos I have mentioned where the garments are from, and tried to find similar currently available items.