Tuesday, 8 December 2015


With the briefing of my new unit complete, I am very excited to get started on the digital 'side' of the first year course.  As the end result will be 6 complete samples of digitally printed jersey and silk with a publication portfolio displaying our work process.  The starting point is to explore existing high fashion brands that predominately use digital printed garments in their collections.


Most famously known for her vivid, bold colour clashing choices, she is renowned for the Spring/Summer collections, which she focuses on floral prints with heavy embellishment detail.  Her colour palettes are beautiful as she is not afraid to clash tones and contrasting patterns to create stunning print designs.  Her feminine outlook is clearly seen in her collections and are incredibly popular in the celebrity culture.  Her inspiration is mainly from natural resources such as plants and flowers however in her A/W 13 collection she has heavily inspired by architecture such as high blocks of flats as well as Japanese-esque landscapes.


Erdem Moralioglu launched his own label in 2005, creating a ready-to-wear brand that consists of experimental textiles with vibrant prints and detailed craftsmanship.  His style is versatile but incredibly feminine, and works by mixing the bold with delicacy of using silk printed fabric.  He thrives on the manipulation of images based on nature such as plants and flowers, but edits and distorts the image to appear slightly obfuscated patterns.  he once said in an article with The Independent; "I want to recreate the idea of movement and memory on a train".  I believe this is clearly displayed in his work.


I decided to research into Peter Pilotto as his final collections re incredibly different to the two other brands shown above.  His inspiration for the collections may be seen as derived from similar sources such as nature and the environment, however the approach in print is opposing.  The use of a wider range of vivid colours is apparent as well as the geometric line and body contours to draw attention to areas of the body as well as accentuating others.  I have absolutely fallen in love with his work however due to the extensive variations I feel the fluidity of his work produced would be challenging to replicate.

I feel i have swayed closer to the brand Erdem as I find the initial process of his print creations inspiring and is something I would like to experiment with and create my own print.  If possible I am planning on creating a Menswear line of digital prints inspired by this brand as Erdem is currently a Womenswear brand only.  I think this will be interesting to look into as this will be my first menswear trial and I am thoroughly looking forward to see my future outcome! Let me know what you think about the above brands, and if there are any inspirations you don't mind sharing.