Tuesday, 15 December 2015


I set to the internet to do some researching on upcoming trends for Autumn/ Winter 2016, and to explore what themes and colour schemes would suit my final chosen brand; Gucci.  In addition I have decided to complete a menswear digital print range; looking at existing collections and creating a new one that would be suited to this brand.  Trend forecasting is readily available on branded sites such as WGSN, Trend Zoom and also Pantone - who source and select the hottest colour swatches of the upcoming season.

Due to creating my prints for A/W I decided to go for a Nordic Landscape inspiration using the theme of Escapism and Water as key inspiration.  I love the idea of incorporating the several formations of water, from research images of the sea, to snow to ice. There is a poetic nature with a sense of surrealism used by RenĂ© Magritte in the 20th century) and serving as inspiration here. Clouds are included in art installations, photography and fashion shows in an unexpected way and i would like to experiment with imagery and textures visualised.

I played on the idea of nature and the environment for my main source of inspiration, as Gucci frequently use primary images of plants and flowers for their digital prints.  With the colour palette being mainly lighter hues of blues, purples and greys,I focused on key imagery of the sea, ice and snow.  I created a Pinterest Board (linked here) based around my inspiration for the print designs.