Monday, 7 December 2015


It's been a long time since I've posted on my blog but I think a quick catch-up is well deserved... In September (which seems like years ago now) I moved down to Bournemouth to start my first year at university a week later.  I am now a proud fresher of Arts University Bournemouth, otherwise known as AUB for short.  I am doing a three year Fashion BA Hons degree, which I am currently loving even with the amount of stress and pressure to succeed and achieve, against such creative and talented students.  The uni itself is an 'Arts' uni which means all the courses available at the university are art based; such as illustration, photography, make-up, interior design and architecture.

I am living in the brand new Halls of Residence which is a short five/ten minute walk from the town centre (perfect for nights out!!) I share a flat with seven other girls - surprisingly we all get on so well and have become great friends in such a short amount of time.

My course has roughly 80 students on my year, where we are split into four sub groups, each named after fashion capitals - Milan, Paris, New York and London.  Two groups at a time do one side of the course whilst the other two groups do the other side of the course.   Each 'side' of the course consists of two units which run simultaneously alongside one another and unfortunately have the same deadline day *crying face*.  Last week I completed my first hand-in which was the 'Creative' units- a very stressful build up due to the insane amount of work due.  One unit consisted of designing and producing a white shirt which was influenced by a theme of choice; I chose futuristic architecture.  The other unit was based around designing a 50 outfit collection with a final 6 design lineup.  Each unit consisted of producing an 800 word essay, a sketchbook for each plus extra bodies of work!!!  Below are some images from both of these units:

Above is my toile prototype for my white shirt

Above is my final layout manual for my final 6 outfits.

I am very pleased with my work that i have produced and am very excited to begin my new two units which as based on digital fashion/printing and new technologies this week.  I hope to post more in the forthcoming months to follow my progress with uni work as well as new fashion related posts!  Feel free to ask any questions.