Tuesday, 22 March 2016



Following up from last weeks intern session, today I helped out Michelle again with her portfolio work.  A portfolio is a document that summarises the work from the project, making sure all the best work is displayed in a concise, visually appealing format that is easy to read and shows progress of the work over the unit.   The majority of designers showcase their portfolios at shows, exhibitions or even potential future job interviews, as they are ideal to professional display the work of the designer.  See below my pinterest board of really aesthetically appealing portfolio work.  I like to take inspiration of layout ideas as this is a great way to decide what will look best when strategically placing all the collated work together.

  Follow Bronwyn's board Fashion Portoflio Layout Ideas on Pinterest.

Firstly I scanned in all of Michelle's sketchbook drawing, selecting her best work, making sure I had a variation of photography images, sketches, designs and illustrations.  I had to edit a few of the scanned images using Photoshop to recolour the images, sharpen or remove the background.  I then used Photoshop again to layer up the chosen images, whilst carefully selecting appropriate layouts which display her work best.  The use of white space is deemed effective so I ensured that I didn't use too many images on one page which may of made it look cluttered or busy.  This can be a long and tedious process, however I feel I am quite confident with Photoshop and InDesign software which definitely helps speed up the process.  In addition, Michelle had briefly made a simple layout of the images she would of like to use and provided me with this before I started.  Below are some screen shots of the final layouts that I created for her.