Monday, 18 April 2016



Last week was a stressful week for Michelle as she had her toile review on Thursday afternoon.  Toile review's are a regular occurrence within a fashion university course.  They are one-to-one tutorials with your design tutors that show the progress of you designs, sketchbook work, and making of final garments in toile format.  They usually last up to 10/15 minutes and allow for feedback and guidance on possible improvements to make and praise on work progressed so far.   These improvements are often in the format of shape and silhouette adjustments including, length, style lines and fittings on a test model.

Therefore in order for preparation for Michelle's toile review, I organised her work that would be needed to be provided in this short meeting, created a final line up of her final 6 garments on an indesign document (using photoshop to edit the outlines of the images.)  I ensured I used a white background so that fabric samples and colour swatches could be attached to clearly show the aesthetics of her final collection.  I also stepped in to be a model for this toile review and wore the second to left outfit in the image below.