Friday, 22 April 2016



As third years deadline is creeping closer and closer, the stress within the studio's is building at a rapid pace!  Therefore Michelle (my intern) needs as much help as she can get.  This week I helped out with small jobs that are time consuming so overall save Michelle a lot of time, which is very valuable to her at the moment. I unpicked a zip off one of her final outfits ( a pair of trousers).  I then cut out some fabric for her for another garment, so now she can assemble the garment quicker as the fabric is all cut and ready.

The fabric Michelle used is a True Black Spacer Fabric.  I laid out all the pieces of her pattern in a logical order so that there was minimal wastage.  Some of the pieces required to be cut on the fold and some doubled so I made sure I took this into account before hand.  There was a slight struggle when cutting the fabric out as the fabric is quite thick (approximately about 5mm), especially when the fabric was doubled over.  Michelle got her fabric from MacCulloch & Wallis.  Here is the link to the fabric :