Sunday, 8 May 2016


I think I have experienced quite a bit from my third yeah interning experience.  Firstly I have realised that it can be intense and it will certainly be very intense and stressful when I come to my third year in uni.  I think it has made me understand the importance of of organisation and time management.  Seeing as there is little provided structure with workshops (as such) when you come to being a third year and everyone suddenly becomes very independent with their own work , it is vital to have your own schedule and give your self internal deadlines to ensure you will not leave everything till last minute and not complete all the work required.  In regards to this it is equally as important to stick to your schedule and meet all your deadlines!!!

I have definitely improved my skills on Adobe software; such as Photoshop and InDesign, by using them more frequently and getting used to the tools on these software's.  It has made me realise the attention to detail that goes into a final major project and the many ingredients that are needed in order to achieve a good outcome at the end of it.  Even though I have only briefly helped out with Michelle's work I am incredibly amazed with the work she has produced and cannot wait for the end of year Fashion Show where all of the third years will be exhibiting their work and hopefully I will be chosen to help backstage and dress the models!

Saturday, 7 May 2016


Weeks 5 and 6 are very similar in terms of tasks as they both link together and over lap (with the jobs I was helping out with.)  
For Week 6 the stress grew and for a moment it even began to stress me out hahah!! The studios were incredibly hectic so again Michelle needed help sorting out the final bits before the deadline which was on Friday 6th May at 12 noon.  I done small tasks that in the long run helped out Michelle... like, print of images for sketchbook, organise her patterns into individual garments and putting them into paper envelopes and making sure they are clearly labelled. Lastly I also organised her box - which is a part of what the hand in requires which is evidence of all process and development - this includes the sketchbook, final line up, toiles, patterns etc.  All these small tasks greatly helped with pre-deadline stress meaning she could focus on the accuracy of her make.


For Week 5 it was the early stages of stress with only one week till deadline.  Therefore I knew it was going to be hectic for Michelle as outfits needed to be made and finished.  So I let her get on with the construction side of the outfits whilst I helped organise.  At first thoughts it seemed pretty pointless but now I realise how important it is !!!! For week 5 I had to gather all of Michelle's final 6 garment toile's together, sort them out into the set outfits then press them - which I'm now realising I didn't do a very good job at (by looking back at some of the images below - ooops haha!) I then took photos of these toiles on a model so that Michelle can use these as evidence within her sketchbook of work and future portfolio to show development.  The final images of the front of the outfits are below.  I also took side and back views, and the outfits with coats/jackets on - I removed and took photos without them on.

 (I also turned all the photos to black & white to hide the horrible bright green floors we have in our studios hahaa!!)