Saturday, 7 May 2016


For Week 5 it was the early stages of stress with only one week till deadline.  Therefore I knew it was going to be hectic for Michelle as outfits needed to be made and finished.  So I let her get on with the construction side of the outfits whilst I helped organise.  At first thoughts it seemed pretty pointless but now I realise how important it is !!!! For week 5 I had to gather all of Michelle's final 6 garment toile's together, sort them out into the set outfits then press them - which I'm now realising I didn't do a very good job at (by looking back at some of the images below - ooops haha!) I then took photos of these toiles on a model so that Michelle can use these as evidence within her sketchbook of work and future portfolio to show development.  The final images of the front of the outfits are below.  I also took side and back views, and the outfits with coats/jackets on - I removed and took photos without them on.

 (I also turned all the photos to black & white to hide the horrible bright green floors we have in our studios hahaa!!)