Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Second week, session one consisted of recapping our brand idea and clearly defining its purpose.  As our own set 'homework' we brainstormed potential brand names in order for social media accounts to be set up and a brand identity can be created.  In our session at university we looked into Simon Sinek's "Start with Why?" theory, which discusses the principal behind every successful person and business.  He explains that working in the reverse to what is expected (why to what) creates more successful brands and can persuade consumers to believe in your company more.  This was our result...
In our groups we established that in order to make our niche brand successful we will need to become unique compared to our potential competitors (brands along the like of ShopStyle, Mallzee, Snap Fashion etc.).  Therefore we will need to promote the fact that our app will have the ability to scan your body shape by simply taking a mirror picture using your smart device camera, a capsule collection will then become personal to you as will be determined on the data such as your body shape, hair colour and skin pigment.  Our app will also offer only sustainable brands or sustainable collections from big brands such as Zara's new sustainable line.  As we plan to deal direct with the supplier we will not need warehouse to store the stock as only electronic information will be sent and the brand will send the delivery themselves rather than our company. 

We then created a S.W.O.T analysis so we could identify our internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats. Then we used a Business Model Canvas developed by our tutor, so that we could clearly identify the ethos and main initial set up behind our brand.  Below is what we produced as a team.

In our second session of the week, we discussed within the group what our weekly plan is and what we would like to accomplish by next Thursday.

*personal aim : create the bands social media sites (facebook, twitter, and instagram), post regular content throughout the week on suitable topics such as brands we would like to use, tips, fashion trends, promotional material etc.*

I wanted to create the social media sites as quickly as possible so that we could gain the most amount of followers in the time of the project, as it will help us best to represent our brand.  Even though we are not 100% on the name we have chose; "Wear-e", I have used it anyway as if we do decided to change our minds then it can be altered.  In addition to the name, the logo and colours used are only rough guidelines of what we will use and these will most likely be swapped at a later date.  Here are the screen shots of our initial social media sites with links below too.