Monday, 10 October 2016


Today in our groups we discussed and focused on the identity of our brand and the image we would like to portray to our target market.  In our session we brainstormed photoshoot ideas, as ideally we need some images to be able to use to put on our website and app, as well as a 'capsule collection look book' we want to create.  As an initial start-up inspiration, Tabby (Creative Director) created this (linked here) pinterest board on the style of what we would like the photoshoot could be like, with edgy undertones and classic outfit styles.  We also thought from the photoshoot we could create a look book style video which could then be posted on the website or on a promotional YouTube page for our brand.  As video inspiration styles, we allcollecively really like these youtubers take on look book videos...


We then re-branded our company and came up with a new brand name as we weren't overly satisfied with "wear-e".  After the brainstorming we created "Edeoco", pronounced eee-dee-o-co.  This evolved initially from the word style, and by looking it up on, we saw the synonym idiosyncrasy.  We started to play around with merging eco and environment to create a word that suited and sounded like a potential app and made sure that it rolled of the tongue.  One issue of having a made up word as a brand name is that will the consumer be able to pronounce it like we do; unless we make a feature of the phonetics.  We may need to some consumer research into how members of the public pronounce it, and see if they don't, potentially adapt the lettering.  This may still change on lettering in future sessions, but for now we all really like it!  Below are some 1st drafts of logos...

(sorry for the bad quality image)

To create the logo, we used Adobe InDesign Illustrator, as we find it the easiest and has the most effective outcome for what we want to produce.  Due to the background being a bitmap image, we were advised to create alternative logos using solid colours.  These create vector-style logos.  We simply took out a few of the colours within the the green marbling image to create alternative backgrounds.  We wanted to use circle connotations within the logo to represent the idea of long-lasting clothing and reusable fashion for each season and trend.  The font we used was downloaded from, even though we really like the font, after asking a few people we realised it is quite similar to the Waitrose brand; Ocado...?  as well as the shoe brand; Ecco..?

On Thursday's session we had a re-cap team brief with our tutor to go over what's been done in the past week and what is the plan for today's sessions.  We went over social media coverage and decided we were also going to add pinterest to the list of platforms that we want our brand to feature on.