Tuesday, 1 November 2016


After the mid-term critique last week, the feedback from our tutors re-assured our group that we are on track with work, however there are fine details within our business that we need to start thinking about and considering; in order for our group to sound as professional as possible.  On the Monday morning session, we decided that we needed to develop our strategy for what deliveries will be like with our company as well as the packaging that they will be in.  Due to the fact that we are solely an online/digital business, we will need to send out orders from the online shop via post.  In addition to this, as an initial start-up we would like not to actually purchase the stock from our stockist (similar to the likes of Asos or House of Fraser), but instead for our brands that we supply to send out the orders themselves.  This would work by whenever a customer purchases an item, edeoco will receive an invoice and so will the brand which the product is from.  Automatically through the databases that we will share with each brand, the quantity will reduce every time a product is brought.  Therefore, regular stock control and good brand-to-company communication is needed to ensure that stock quantity is correct at all times.  Once the brand receives their invoice from us regarding the customers purchase, the brand will then wrap up and package the item in our packaging, however the brand can use their own swing tags, or place in their own leaflets/lookbooks/vouchers etc into the packaging as well (at their choice.)

As a group, we ideally wanted to keep the packaging to a minimum use of non-recyclable materials as we think its is important to keep to tight to the sustainability and eco-friendly vibe.  Therefore, we plan on not providing any excess leaflets/booklets to our brands to place in the packaging, as well feel they are unnecessary, and from our previous experience with online shopping we think that most people never read them and that they are immediately put into the bin.  Also, we plan to use cardboard boxes (recyclable of course) for our main packaging.  We wanted it to be unique compared to other companies delivery packages, so our box is in the style of a drawer.  The consumer will pull out the drawer where their garment will be neatly folded.  There will also be a second drawer within this drawer where the consumers will be able to pull out to reveal some seeds which the consumer can then plant.

Here was our inspiration for our box design...

Here is our prototype design for our packaging...

In our afternoon session, we planned our cookbook photoshoot that we are planning to do during Thursday's afternoon session.  We looked at inspiration and ideas of scenery, poses and clothing.  We then also looked into campaigns that are a little unique and that will make us stand out, not only by using these images on our website/app but also on our social media sites, by using the images to act as a campaign.  We looked into GIFS, cimemagraphs - which we all really liked!! (link)  Here is some of the inspiration that I have collated for the Autumn/Winter LookBook photoshoot that will be taking place on Thursday....

Thursday morning consisted of our weekly catch-up meeting, explaining what we had been getting on with and what else we had done within the group.  We also dedicated certain parts of the business plan (after the lecture last Thursday) to each group member so that we can all get on with our own sections in our own time, and then collate all the individual sections together at the end.  In the afternoon, we completed our lookbook photoshoot in Bournemouth Gardens and on the Beach.  Alongside the photographer taking photos, group members took clips and short videos of the models so that we can collate a short lookbook "behind the scenes" video that we can edit and upload onto our edeoco Youtube Channel.