Monday, 14 November 2016


Only 1 week till its our final presentation pitch and additionally 9 days till official deadline!  That means this week ideally we would love to get everything finalised for the zine by the end of the week so that we can get it printed and bound, along with the lookbook, press release and another other bits we would like to be tangible for our presentation on the Monday.  It would also be great if as a team we could start work on the presentation itself before Friday so we can go over who is going to say what and actually do several run-throughs of the presentation so that we all feel confident about what we are saying and the order etc.  We aim to start work on the presentation in Thursday's session this week so that we enough time to complete the above.

In today's session, we initially started working as a group; collating the work that we have all done over the past week, and making lists of what needs to be done in todays session and what needs to be put in the zine and business plan.  After we were all clear of each of our tasks we got to work on those. As a reminder, I am the social media strategist so I revisited all of our social media accounts  and made sure they wee all up-to-date.  I then took screen shots of all of them and wrote a short, concise overview of our social media reasonings and aim's.  This was then uploaded to the groups dropbox page where Megan (who is crating the final zine) can then take this information and images and simply put them into the dedicated pages for the social media.  Afterwards, myself and Reagen edited the footage that he had taken during the lookbook photoshoot.  We edited this on iMovie then inserted music, as well as the logo of edeoco on the opening clip.  This was then uploaded to our Youtube Channel.

On Thursday's session, we planned the presentation.  As it is in the style of dragon's den, we decided that we need to ensure that it is a clear, precise and strong presentation as we are effectively pitching our niche brand to a panel of judges (who aren't 'judging' us as such).  We each elected ourselves and dedicated a paritcular section to ourselves to talk about our brand.  As I know the majority of the social media side of the business, I will be talking about the social media accounts, as well as any other digital advertising or press advertising that we would like to do as a start up company.  This is what we focused on throughout the day, perfecting our speech's and what the powerpoint behind us will have on it, so that it correlates to what we are saying, and so that it all makes sense.