Tuesday, 22 November 2016



On Monday had our presentation pitch of Edeoco.  This pitch that we done as a group contributes to our graded mark of this unit, and is assessed by our tutors.  The idea of the presentation was to complete it in a Dragon's Den style business pitch, where technically you are trying to persuade the "judges/investors" aka our tutors, to invest and believe in what our company concept is. In order to prepare for this presentation we each split up individually and worked on what we were each going to say, ensuring that all of the important key points of our business were covered.  We then selected an order and also selected a "lead speaker".  We chose to have this role within the presentation pitch as it  allowed that individual to open the pitch and thus summarise and conclude the presentation as well as.  We practiced for the pitch several times before the real thing and ensured that the powerpoint presentation that we had also created corresponded to what each person was talking about.  It was also vitally important that the powerpoint slides, that were projected behind us, didn't have too much text on each slide as this may distract the audience and is most likely unnecessary too.  In our presentation we also showed the preview of our website mock-up and ensured that the final zine and lookbook were physically printed so that our tutors could flick through and potentially look at relevant pages in these at the same time we were presenting.

I beleive that we had a very successful presentation, as the whole team were confident when speaking out loud but also confident in what they were saying.  Due to the great team connection we have had in this unit, I believe that this was well displayed due to supporting each other when the questions were asked at the end of the pitch, but also with the great "off-the-top-of-our-head" knowledge, due to knowing and understanding our business very well.  I am proud of what individually I have achieved in this unit but also what we have achieved as a group.

This is our final zine that we have uploaded to Issuu : https://issuu.com/megancrosby/docs/edeoco_final_publication