Thursday, 15 December 2016


As part of my submission for this unit at university we completed a group project, where we collaborated with fellow second year Architecture and Textiles students.  On this project we explored different techniques and experimentations that we are not usually used to, when completing our own scheme of work.  Therefore when creating a final piece for the four-day project, it was interesting for me to see what other courses do and what supplies they like to use.  Anywayyyyy...

For this project we used Poole Quay as our main source of inspiration, where we specifically looked into the fishing nets and lobster pots that where situated around the quay.  Typically, this linked to the brief pinterest research that I had done previous to the F.A.T project for my Design iD theme (see last blog post.)  Some of the images below were taken by myself, which I could incorporate into my Design iD unit:

Taking inspiration from the nets that we saw on the harbour, we used the discarded nets found onsite and also the knit machines in the textiles department to help us create our own knitted piece that reflected fishing nets and lobster pot wires. 

From this experience I am incredibly interested in using the knit machines myself to created knitted garments for my design iD project.  I think that with sufficient practice and experimentation with machine and hand knitting, I would be able to create a knitted garment that will effectively reflect the great barrier reef and coral reefs.