Sunday, 11 December 2016


"Who am I?" To me, this question is far too broad in order to define our personal identity and too set off into research for the unit.  I have always struggled when people ask questions about myself, like "what defines you" or "how do you see yourself".  Theres far too much about  person than what they like, or how they act.  So ..... I started off simple.

Mind maps with plenty of colour help me think. Colour being the key point here, bright bold colours always stand out to me than any image or piece of text.  It helps me create a clearer envision of what i am trying to portray as well as motivate me to carry on and delve deeper into what i am researching.  So I created a mind map of what i thought were the key points about me.  Initially I thought of my name.  Personally, my name isn't a name you come across everyday and on a weekly basis, people do comment about my name; saying how different it is, how they have never known of anyone else to be called it, or how lovely it is, and of course... "Are You Welsh?" (which I am not, however I get so many questions asking if I am, I may as well start lying!!)

Secondly, I thought about my project which I completed over the summer break, which initially was designed to become the base of our inspiration for this unit.  For my project I based it around my summer trip to Mexico; Cozumel, where I went on holiday for two weeks with my family.  Whilst away I had the opportunity to complete two scuba diving trips, each one lasting for about 45 minutes.   Even though I have previously done scuba diving, this was when i was much younger and I can't remember much from those dives,  this is why I became so amazed from my second opportunity of scuba diving.  I know it seems crazy to say that the experience inspired me but the tranquility and amount of life that exists deep into the ocean honestly amazed me a lot.  The colours were incredibly vivid and rich.

These are some scanned-in images from my short working book that I completed over the summer which consists of my brief experiments that are linked to fishing nets.

Developing on from the idea of scuba diving, I thought about the recent issues and news reports on The Great Barrier Reef.  This year, Rowan Jacobsen wrote an Obituary for The Great Barrier Reef on Outside Online, claiming that it is officially dead.  After several news reporters took this obituary seriously, scientists reacted and claimed that the severity of The Great Barrier Reefs is shocking however it is not officially dead yet.  After mild research into the reports and statistics, The Great Barrier Reef experienced one of the largest coral bleaching episodes ever known, killing many miles of coral reefs, all due to the increased rise of the oceans temperatures.

I think that this is a great starting point for my research for this unit, as I can incorporate the colours of healthy coral reefs as well as dead ones too.  Thought that I would choose to do menswear for this unit as I have previously enjoyed it, and would also like to chose to do the collection for A/W17.