Tuesday, 6 December 2016


After a well deserved week off uni work, I am back and ready to start my new unit, with new levels of motivation and enthusiasm... lets hope I can keep these up till deadline?!?  With the brief being incredibly broad; creating your identity for your body of work. In this unit we will explore what we think defines us by reflecting experiences, interests and ambitions.  To create our USP, I shall develop my design process to a high level where creation of my final product will be deeply explored and experimented.

I aim to use my blog as a platform for my ideas, and thoughts through the process of this unit and to write them here as if a digital diary.  I believe this will help my research progression, and also to keep on track of what i am completing and how far my development has been explored.  I am excited to see what this unit brings and to see the outcome of my design identity.