Thursday, 9 March 2017



Briefing commenced at 10am, where we were all gathered together in the studio to be told what this unit was going to entail.  Being eager and anxious to see what we was going to be told, we listened and took notes.  Our 8 week live project was with UK-based brand; COS.  We were informed that we would design and make a collection in celebration of their 10th year anniversary.  Whilst COS aim for an 80% efficiency in fabric (20% being wastage) in the design process of their garments, our aim is to meet this target set by the brand, or to beat it and aim for a zero waste collection.

As for our first session, we gathered packaging - from shoe boxes, to sandwich boxes to Lush product packaging and flower delivery parcels.  We deconstructed these to flat net shapes, where we then traced out the silhouette - understanding that by folding at different angles and ways you can create 3d shapes which could thus be replicated into fabric manipulation or even surface design. Using mini (half-scale) mannequins we placed and experimented with these shapes to see how we could take inspiration and use this to develop our design process. See images below for what I created.