Wednesday, 15 March 2017


These sessions consisted on developing our pattern work from the previous Monday, using the mini mannequin again, but this time incorporating fabric and seeing how the shapes out of the packaging would create drape and silhouettes.  I found myself at a bit of a block with the initial shapes that I created the previous week, so I decided to pick another style of packaging and work on this one instead.  I deconstructed the 3d box to its flat net form, where i initially manipulated it onto the body of the mannequin.  I didn't feel inspired but the way it looked on the mannequin however I was drawn to the outline of the geometric shapes of the edge of the packaging (created by the unfolded tabs.)  I thought these geometric sharp lines looked similar to some architecture that I researched (David Chipperfield's work) and also to the buildings I saw on my London trip (see previous blog post.)

After this, I cut the same net out of some lightweight fabric and decided to stitch some edges together; that necessarily wouldn't be next to each other when folded to create its original 3 dimensional form.  This created gaps and shape in the fabric manipulation, so when placed on the mannequin it appeared more realistic in 'garment' form.  This technique inspired me more than the paper prototypes, as I visually and mentally began to see more from what I had created, and began to think of the process in a more design aspect.  With these shapes created I don't think I will necessarily take the entire image as inspo but aspects which will create detail to garment to ensure the collection fits in with the existing COS aesthetic.