Friday, 17 March 2017



In today's session, I developed some previous stand work that I found quite interesting to create a potential design from.  It incorporated some weaving panels that I thought that if enlarged on the body would look effective as creates surface detail and interest, however the overall garment could still be kept minimalistic and classic to suit the COS aesthetic - working it into a shirt design, coat panel or even a trouser pocket.

Below are some scanned-in images from my sketchbook to show my development from the first inspiration to a potential start of a pattern piece.

I started to create a pattern from this initial inspiration, using this technique I found when researching  about zero-waste garments (illustrated in below image).  I made up this basic top from this pattern block using my own measurements then cut into the sleeve to create the slits that can be woven into - see below.

I then done a few quick design ideas of how i could take this idea forward an develop into an outfit or garment - using a mens shirt as a starting point.