Monday, 20 March 2017



I started to draw up designs for Tuesday's (tomorrow's) presentation session where we will be presenting our ideas and development in order to be categorised into our groups.  I used my mood boards, sketchbook work and inspiration on my Pinterest board -  - to create these initial designs.  Below are a few images I collected to help with the process of designing.

Im quite interested in including small details and features in the garments that add interest instead of going with crazy styles and silhouettes, as I believe this wouldn't fit with the current COS aesthetic.  As I am looking into architecture, concrete structures, and specifically into the work of architect; David Chipperfield, I like the use of straight lines and seam detail.  I would like to incorporate obscure panelling or moved seams to create the effect of architectural influences without the garments themselves being 'sculptural'.  I think this will work as I plan to create menswear/genderless pieces and the collection cannot be too 'loud' as men typically are not as experimental with clothing as women.