Wednesday, 22 March 2017



We began our session today by presenting our development progress to the rest of the class, so that we could be categorised into groups where we will then work together to create our COS collections.  When it was my turn to speak I ensured that I not only spoke about my designs, but my concept, ideas of design direction, as well as key garments that I would like to focus on.  These points were crucial to me as I think it was helpful for my fellow peers to understand what I am interested in designing and making, but also for them relate their own designs and concept to mine.  I mentioned and spoke about how I am more interested in a street-style collection, with sporty influences for men and that I quite like oversized, and relaxed silhouettes.

After everyone had spoken, we decided amongst ourselves who's work and designs fitted in with each other, and who's styles, silhouettes complimented others and ultimately which designs would sit well together in a collection line-up.  We chose to be a group of 6 menswear outfits, with 1 unisex outfit, and 1 boys teenager outfit.  We felt that the unisex and kids wear sat well with the rest of the chosen designs from the menswear outfits, ad they equally complimented each other too.  To finalise our session on Tuesday - we discussed how we could make our individual garments and outfits coherent to ensure they flow as a collection.

We chose to focus on details in each garment that would relate our pieces together; for example, we said that we would be creative with our seams by moving them in ways that aren't standard for that pattern.  We also discussed about concealing our fastenings, such as button bands, zips, plackets etc, and in addition, we thought it would be innovative to 'hide' our pockets within the seams created. We all went away from this session and worked on our designs to create a visual idea of what outfits will look like.  Here are our initial designs.

In our outfits we have created some pieces that are quite draped, however we have ensured they aren't too 'baggy' as we also do have key garments in the collection that are to a more fitted style, but have constraints on the 'oversizing' of designs.  This may be something that we consider more in our next team meeting as we could number each outfit in the collection so that we have the more fitted outfits at the beginning which progress as the collection is revealed on the catwalk, where they become more draped the further along.

We briefly discussed colour palette ideas as well - selecting our favourites from the 3 colour schemes provided, and with talking with Veronica and Penny as well as amongst ourselves; we decided that we would 'mix and match' between the pinky toned colour scheme and the grey colour scheme too.