Saturday, 1 April 2017



As a group we decided to meet in university to work on our trouser toiles together, and additionally we decided to select fabrics for each garment so that Sarah can start on creating the range plan, which also meant we could get an idea of what the collection line up would look like as a whole.   Sophie showed us all her final illustrations of our outfits (see below) and we used these drawings to help select our final fabrics.

As a group, we initially decided that we wanted to us the majority of the pink toned colour palette, and therefore pull similar colours from the other two palettes that would sit well amongst the other fabrics. In the end, we decided on 10/11 fabrics that we would like to use in our collection.  Using Adobe photoshop and illustrator, we then scanned in these fabric swatches and applied them to our digital designs, which allowed us to visualise the line up as a whole.  This helped us make a few tweaks here and there to ensure that we all felt the collection sat cohesively when lined-up.

As for our trousers, on Thursday's afternoon session we collaboratively worked on the straight leg trouser and skinnier trouser to try and achieve the desired fit on both.  We seemed to of all had issues with getting the fit as once we both (Myself, Faye, Rachael and Alice) opened the waistband it totally altered the fit on the leg. We started by creating the toiles and putting in the waistbands with elastic to get a rough idea of what it would look like in person.  Then we tried them on our model; Charlie, who helped tell us how they felt - if they were tight in places, uncomfortable and even his personal opinion.  We then turned the toiles inside out and pinned together the side seams in paces where we felt we could take in the leg width to ensure they fitted a bit better.