Thursday, 20 April 2017



After spending two weeks away from university timetable, today is the first day back.  We started by getting together in our group and discussing what had been done/achieved over the easter break, as even though we had stayed in contact with each other via messaging - none of us had actually seen other group members since.  According to our initial timetabled sessions, in todays class we were meant to have our mid-unit presentation to COS; discussing what he have created and designed.  However, as there are more members from the COS team available on Friday 21st, the presentation was re-scheduled to the Friday.  This benefitted our group as it allowed us to in todays session to organise and prepare for Friday so that we were 100% confident with what we were all explaining, expressing and discussing.

We decided that our key points of interest that we will talk about to the COS team are ...

Our concept and initial inspiration:

Explaining that we are an all menswear group, a collection that consists of 8 outfits (1 being a unisex outfit, and 1 being a teen outfit), based around street style and casual sports luxe vibes - bring the activewear to everyday wear making it appear a more 'thoughtful' outfit (as oppose to wearing tracksuit.), talking about our initial inspiration evolving around brutalist architecture, micro living and geometric shapes.

 Our customer:

Discussing on who we believe our customer is, what kind of man is he, what does he do for a living, what does he enjoy etc.  We will explain that we aim for our collection to be age neutral/ageless as we would like not only COS existing male customers to buy our collection but also not to forget about the elder generation in men (as discussed as part of a previous blog post - here.)  We also plan to talk about how that as we have a unisex outfit as part of our collection, and as we have learnt from Sarah Mole that COS womenswear is designed from the menswear garments, so we have taken the same approach to our unisex outfit and believe as future development this technique could be diffused into the rest of the collection to become entirely unisex.

Our final line up, with our features, line plan and range plan:

Due to the project being revolved round the collection itself, we plan to heavily discuss our lineup as well as key garments that not only stand out to us, as a team, but that have unique features and inspiration/development behind them that make the garments so interesting. For example, Sophie's shirt is based upon her initial development of a round chair cover that was draped over the stand giving her the shapes and drape seen in her shirt pattern.

Zero waste:

As the brief and Sarah's presentation to us explained the concept and idea about being sustainable and achieving maximum efficiency in lay plans and minimum fabric wastage, we decided to discuss this matter in detail too and how as a group we are planning on confining to these standards; creating pocket bags out of scraps, combining variants and lay plans for garments using the same fabric, using 3d fit to eliminate the need for initial toiles and fittings, etc.