Saturday, 6 May 2017



This is the penultimate week before hand-in, so there has been a few changes and alterations made regarding our collection; due to time left, toile development and collection fluidity.  In the week I found that it has been very stressful and worrying (my own opinion) as with this being the 'final' week before we start making. It did worry me at times that we are running out of time to suddenly change the collection as well as discard of some garments and potentially make and add in new garments too.  Individually, I have had discussions with my tutors about the collection, as well as group discussions and talks, where we spoke about final fabric choices, the efficiency with in our collection and final outfit decisions.

Firstly, we discussed trousers.  As a group we spoke about how we feel that in the collection we have too many trouser variations, as there are 6 different trousers for 7 models.  However, after consideration we concluded that my trousers, alice trousers and leona's trousers all have front and back seams so they all link together well. Sophie's trousers are in a more 'jeans' style - with the typical 5 pocket detail; and therefore they look good within the collection.  We also agreed that these should stay as when we spoke to the head of menswear in university; Ian, he explained that typically male consumers are 'creatures of habit' and will usually buy clothes for functionality over style.  Therefore, it was decided that due to COS specific aesthetic, style and consumer, that we would keep Sophie's trousers in the collection too.  After our 'attempt' of refining the collection, we went back on ourselves, as Sarah had made her final trousers for the teenager (in the knitted fabric), however they turned out too oversized and large, and in fact they fitted an adult.  Due these trousers fitting really nicely on the model, we decided to keep these in the menswear collection too, and to remake them again in a smaller size for the teenager- so they appear like a "mini me" for the teen from the adult.  As we seemed to of failed to 'refine' in style, we agreed to definitely refine in fabrics.  We all agreed that we had too many fabrics within the collection and not a clear colour palette or colour story.  Therefore we became analytic and cut out fabrics that a few group members liked, and thus would of liked to use however for the critical refinement we narrowed down our fabrics.  Below is the updated fabric board.

The fabrics that are being used for trousers

The fabrics that are being used for tops, coats and jackets

All fabrics that are being used

In these 'meetings' we discussed what I mentioned in the previous blog post  about the excitement and positive feedback we received from COS about sophie's top.  We agreed that by making a few of these in different styles that it would help link the collection together.  all together we confirmed that in the collection we should have Sophie's style top (picture 1), one in all stripe shirting fabric to give a more formal look, and also a polo top version in jersey, to add the casual and relaxed sports vibes that we initially wanted to be included.

In addition to this decision, we also decided to remove Alice's coat from the collection (see illustration below for reminding), as there were several design choices that were made to it, all of which Alice wasn't 100% on as after these alterations the coat wouldn't of looked like the initially drawing and idea Alice had pictured to make.  Instead we opted for an oversized jumper/sweatshirt style to be made in the knitted fabric - again tying in the garment with other pieces made of the same fabric.  

And finally, as a group we made the decision that the shirt Faye is creating, is to make a 'short' version (usual shirt length -hips) and a longer style (mid thigh).  This would allow for another member of the group to have the other style, but also by having to classic shirts we felt this would be suitable for the COS customer and we can envision that this is something that they would buy as a staple wardrobe garment.

As these decisions and discussions took the majority of the morning, in the afternoon; myself, Sophie and Faye created a lay plan and cut out our fabric that we are using on our garments.  The Modaris lay plan that we created was roughly 6 metres in length and had an efficiency of 85%.