Saturday, 13 May 2017



Due to this being our final week of the project at uni, the weeks activities have consisted of making.  As a group we spilt up the outfits and garments to every member of the group so we all knew what we needed to make, who we needed to work/collaborate with, and what needed to be brought in order for the garments to be made; for examples; binding, fabrics and fastening details/parts.  Being the group leader I delegated these areas in accordance to my knowledge of peoples strengths and confidence per garment.  In particular I decided that Sophie (for example) had worked hard on her development of her draped shirt patterns and therefore decided to ask her to make all versions of the shirt and in return give her trousers to someone who's top she was making, thus making it as fair as possible.

I decided that I would make my coat, and trousers and when available help with other group members struggles and difficulties.  At the beginning of the week I focused on my coat.  On my toile I didn't do  a sample of my in seam pocket so therefore I done this first so that when it came to the real fabric I would be confident with what i'm doing.

Where I adjusted the collar on my toile and never made a final toile, the pattern seemed a little off on the garment so I plan to adjust this next week with guidance as many tutors had meetings and visits this week.  After I had finished the coat I moved onto my trousers, which were made out of a navy blue stretch jersey...

During the course of making my garments I helped out with other peoples as well, and vice versa.  I think that our group has worked together very well and the majority of us came in every day this week (even on non-timetabled days) which has been very appreciated by myself as the team co-ordinator but aslo from the other group members.  It allowed us to work together and get the tasks done quickly.  In addition, there have been digital tasks that members of the group have done, such as the line plan (Alice) - and she has done a very good job which I fully appreciate as I know it is a tedious and precise job.