Sunday, 14 May 2017


FRIDAY 12th :

In the morning we finalised our collection garments, making sure they were steamed, threads all cut, and garments hemmed.  The following evening I had bought hangers that were all the same; so that not only the tutors could help notice what garments were a part of what collection but also to help with continuity throughout the collection too. During the morning, we also all completed all of our spec sheets with our final technical drawings on them, our descriptions, fabric swatches and trim details.  We printed these all off too so that we could place them in the group folder; A3 with clear sheet wallets. We plan to hand these in as a group, as it will contain the details about our collection.

At 1pm we had our styling session with Ian (course leader), as well as Jodie, Penny and Alena (unit leaders). We dressed up all of our outfits on male models that we had 'sourced' from around university campus as well as some being group members friends.  We went into the studio with our mood board of styling ideas, as well as samples of what we would like to style the models with.  The outfits changed throughout the session, in order to see what garments look best with each other and what compliments the other outfits.  We arranged the order of the outfits as well, so that the colours sat well together but also so that all together it looked like a real collection.

We deliberated about accessories and footwear, and decided that we would complete the collection with white converse style shoes, a few scarves (as can be seen in the above image), as well as vintage rounded glasses on a few of the models.  We also agreed that we should make a drawstring style bag out of left over fabrics or potentially leather to tie in with the underlying sporty-aesthetic we wanted to achieve.  Even though all the garments didn't make the final line-up, I am very happy with how it looks together and think it suitably fits with the COS brief and brand aesthetic.  After the male models go on the catwalk the unisex outfit (on the female) will follow, and then so will another female model who wears our teen trousers and another groups womenswear top. This will help blend the male collection into the female collections creating a link between the two.