Thursday, 18 May 2017


MONDAY 15th - THURSDAY 18th May:

This week was all about preparation for the AUB fashion show on Friday 19th.  Our whole year's COS collection was being part of the show and was the opening collection, therefore a lot needed to be organised and ready before the end of the week.  Over the weekend I had gone into town and already collected items that our menswear outfits needed, for example we needed a few extra shoes, as we were borrowing a few mens shoes from our tutor, and a few scarves too.  On the Monday morning, I showed these to the unit leader; Penny , and as she was pleased to see that our group had already thought a lot about the styling of the collection she decided to make me 'styling co-ordinator' for the entire collection (21 outfits!!!) This consisted of 5 menswear outfits, 14 womenswear outfits and 2 kids outfits.

To start off I lined up the entire collection, using the pictures taken on Fridays session, where Ian had also previously numbered these in the order that he wanted the collection to come out on the catwalk. He had also made brief notes of the styling that he wanted to see in the collection, which gave me a rough guideline of what to get and find for the collection.  I set off to town with Penny and fellow class mate; Sakara to find and buy as much of the shoes and styling accessories as possible.  We roughly knew that we wanted a few extra white converse style sneakers, some red heels and stilettos for the women's wear outfits as well as some pinky/nude women's shoes to tie in the pink in the menswear collection.  Primark pretty much had most of the shoes that we wanted; the white sneakers and orange-y red heels that we were primarily looking for.  We then decided to head to H&M and Zara but neither of these shops had any thing suitable, apart from a scarf that we picked up in H&M which had the pinky/nude colours in it as well as the navy blue which featured in one womenswear collection.  New Look was our next shop and after contemplating for 10/20 minutes on whether or not to get the high heels and flats we decided to buy them as they were the closest match to the colour swatches we took with us and were reasonably priced for the budget we had.  We also briefly looked for accessories such as jewellery, however we couldn't find any that we liked, nor that was within the colour scheme of the collection.  For the accessories and shoes the idea was to slowly bring in the red colour that was featured at the end of the collection, and introduce this through the accessories.

When we returned to university we lined up the shoes again but under the images of the outfit that they were going to be paired with.  This gave us a good idea of how well they linked to each outfit, and if it ran smoothly throughout the collection of menswear into womenswear.

In order to introduce the red into the collection a bit earlier on (in the menswear outfits) we decided to paint (using specialist fabric dye paint from the university dye room) and spray paint a few of the shoes too.

This took a few days to organise the shoes and accessories as it was only really Sakara that helped me do this, when it should of an effort made by the entire year, which was a bit annoying at times, however I am proud of the outcome and really enjoyed the styling experience and role that i was given.

On Wednesday I made dresser sheets for the entire collection, including the mens and women's.  This consisted of me taking pictures of every outfit in the collection, and writing brief descriptions of how the dressers should dress the models.  By making dresser sheets it allows the dressers the knowledge of our vision as well as how each garment should be worn and how it should look.  Below are examples...

After dresser sheets were completed I had to bag up each outfit, with the correct shoes, accessories and dresser sheet and place these all on a rail in the order that they went in.  This rail was passed onto the first years so that they could place each outfit on a model number -ready for the show on Friday.

On Thursday I needed to finish off my coat by making a few alterations that had been made aware of in the styling session with Ian on the previous Friday.  These didn't take long to complete and made the garment appear much nicer when on the model.